Welcoming a new author!

RighteousHack welcomes our newest author, habanero_joe to the blog. Habanero_joe brings years of IT management and hands-on experience to our blog. When asked about himself he simply states that he “Enjoys candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach.” I pretty much have zero questions left after that.

We look forward to the insight and experience that habanero_joe brings to our humble site. We have imported all of habanero_joe’s posts from his Blogger site so that our readers can enjoy his previous posts. You can view his previous blog here.


Sonicwall Technical Day Tomorrow

Sitting in the Marriot World Center hotel in Orlando, FL tonight. Perched up in the back of the bar with a Long Island Ice Tea and the ball game on the big screen. I will be attending a Sonicwall Technical Day tomorrow which is being held here in the hotel. I am excited to see some of the new products that I haven’t had the chance to play with yet.

The Marriot has an interesting approach to internet access. You can get wired or wireless access for $15 dollars a day, or sit in the bar. It really depends on who you are as to which is the more affordable option XD


VMware User Group Meeting in Tampa, FL

Drove up to Tampa today to attend my first VMUG (VMware User Group) meet-up. The meeting was held at Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Tampa location and was really good. Representatives from SWFLWMD, VMware, EMC, Data Domain, Veeam!, and Symantec were present. The presentations were kicked off by the Senior System Administrator of SWFLWMD which was followed by presentations by VMware, EMC, and Data Domain. Overall the meeting was neat for me because it wasn’t the normal sales pitch / PowerPoint you to death onslaught that is normally standard fair for these type of gatherings. Apparently the Tampa area VMUG meetings are held quarterly. I am going to be attending more of these meetings in the future, it is worth the drive.


New member of Leetworks!

I’d like to welcome raulmontana to our blog. His first post is below and as you can see, he has a knack for new things technical. Raul is always on the up and up with new technology whether it is browsers, devices, or social networking. He brings a perspective that many may find familiar and thats because he is doing this stuff all day everyday. You can check out his blog on photography and everything else at RM Paparazzi.


Got it! The Rush Limbaugh signed humidor

Well folks, I kept with my original bid for the signed humidor and I won! I placed my original bid just after the auction started and thought that I would lose for sure. Well, I didn’t and I am now the proud owner of this El Rushbo signed humidor. Hrmm, come to think of it, I’ve never even had a cigar, guess I need a recommendation or two.


Bad pic from mobile phone below, a high resolution image can be found here.

Rush Limbaugh signed humidor

Rush Limbaugh signed humidor on eBay!

So a radio station in the area has this thing going on for soldiers, it is called Cigars for Soldiers. They basically send cigars to deployed troops as a show of appreciation. You can visit their webpage and get additional information here. Recently, someone from within the radio station offered up a humidor for sale on eBay, signed by none other than Rush Limbaugh. Apparently, Rush signed the humidor knowing that it was for a good cause and obviously, his signature helps to increase the value.

So why am I mentioning this on my technical blog? Because it is for a good cause and its your chance to get the signed humidor! I have placed a bid and I am currently the highest bidder, who knows how high I will go!?!

The direct link to the item is here.