Kaseya and Snow Leopard are incompatible (At this point)

This came to me via email and is worth noting if you are a Kaseya user.


Kaseya Agent & Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Important Notice:

For planning purposes, please be advised that the Kaseya Agent for the Mac OS X is currently incompatible with the new Mac OS X Snow Leopard release. Apple has announced that Snow Leopard will be available on Friday (28-Aug-2009). We have confirmed that Kaseya Agents cannot be successfully deployed to Snow Leopard. In the case where an Agent is installed on a Leopard system, and that system is subsequently upgraded to Snow Leopard, the Agent will be non-functional after the upgrade. We are working on a resolution and will advise when available.

Open Source for Schools

Why Linux and open source matters for small businesses and schools Hans Knobloch, Philadelphia Information technology Examiner

This blog was shared with me last night and I think the points made for using open source (linux) are right on target. The general public may or may not choose to accept this but business use of open source products continues to rise. Especially in this economic climate. (the reason this blog was started!) A quick Google search will reveal that there is an open source tool for just about any business need. This means freedom from initial software purchase, recurring license fees, etc.

Rockin’ on without Microsoft David Becker, Staff Writer, CNET News

This post is from 2003 and shows that even six years ago it was possible to convert to open source and continue as a successful business. It is easier today.
Linux is no longer relegated to the dark recesses of IT Geekdom. Major hardware vendors sell desktops and laptops pre-loaded with various distributions of Linux. A non-technical co-worker recently bought a mini-notebook loaded with Linux “because it was cheaper” and learned how to use it.
As virtualization projects grow in the SMB and education markets, there is often a natural progression towards open source related tools. Advanced configuration and troubleshooting of VMware ESX or Citrix XenServer hosts requires understanding and use of SSH and linux-based file systems.

Quoted from the blog post:

” Here are some facts about free and open source software and Linux:

  • A typical Linux and free open source software equipped PC will cost up to 60 – 70% less to operate over a typical three year write off time.
  • A typical PC hardware suited for Linux does not need to be as expensive as a typical Windows or Mac OS X PC. Linux requires much less resources. As a result, Linux PCs have an extended average lifetime.
  • Linux with typically installed quality programs, used for graphics, office, music, and Internet, are freely available as downloads from the Internet.
  • Linux versions, like Ubuntu, come with a host of no charge business software.
  • Pre-configured Linux versions, like the Ubuntu derivate Edubuntu, come with a host of no charge educational software, including teacher and student administration programs.
  • Linux installations can be upgraded and maintained without additional costs – ever.
  • Linux is much more stable and usually safer than its proprietary alternatives.
  • Linux is much less virus endangered than Windows or Apple OS X.
  • Linux is easy to learn and behaves in many ways just like Windows or Mac OS X.
  • Company specific software solutions are available where needed from commercial vendors.
  • Vendor supplied or vendor independent support programs are available if the need for professional support arises.
  • Hundreds of Linux end user and administrator forums on the Internet provide cost free support, configuration and installation how-to information, and help desk services.
  • Linux, with its open source character, is ideally suited to teach students the working of a modern computing system, better then any of its proprietary competitors. “

MySQL errors after installing FOG

Recently, I converted a decently spec’d terminal server into an ESXi server after doing a P2V on the TS. After that, it was time to play. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 9.04 server and then installed FOG. If you don’t know what FOG is, you may want to read FOG’s overview here. Once I got it all installed I kept getting an error when connecting to the web-based management interface. I have pasted in the error and resolution below, including credit on the source of the resolution.


Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /var/www/fog/management/index.php on line 34
Unable to connect to Database

I am not sure what else to tell you from here, I am at a standstill. Thanks for any help you can offer up.

RE: Problem with mySQL database after install
By: microleaks (microleaksProject AdminAccepting Donations) – 2008-02-06 15:52
All you need to do is go to /var/www/html/fog/commons/config.php and change the mysql password in that file you match whatever you set it as.

Certificate error: Outlook 2007 & Exchange 2007

This one is from a while ago. I originally used this back in May of 2009 and just realized that I hadn’t posted the link and info. Basically, shortly after migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2007 in-house, we purchased an SSL certificate for various reasons. Long story short, Outlook 2007 clients starting throwing certificate errors upon opening. So, our outside clients now trust the Exchange box, but the inside clients do not. I went round and round trying to resolve this on my own before searching the internet for a solution. Finding the solution was not easy at all, but I eventually located this link. After following the instructions, everything was up and running as one would expect.

I didn’t really think that this would have been such a PITA, but maybe thats what I get for naming a mail server Newman.


Disable Opera’s Torrent Handling

Firefox is a great browser, it really is. But I find that Opera just works better. I know that it isn’t open source, but it just has the features that I want. Plus, anyone that does research owes it to themselves to use Opera.

Although Opera tends to have sane defaults, I find its built in torrent handler to be useless. I poked around numerous places and never figured out a way to disable it. I hadn’t even took the time to Google for a solution. Well this morning I found it and man was it easy.

In your address bar enter in opera:config and press enter. Expand the BitTorrent section and then uncheck Enable. Done.


Openfiler iSCSI Share For CPS – Update

Original Post: Open Source Technology As Business Solutions: Openfiler – Symantec CPS Destination

We quickly noticed an issue with the iSCSI connector not automatically re-connecting the drive mapping when either the Openfiler server or the CPS server was rebooted. After some troubleshooting and most testing failed to resolve this issue, this project was scrapped in favor of using an Ubuntu NFS share as a backup2disk target.

Next step will be to test an NFS share as a CPS target.