Backup Exec error ordinal 450 and urlmon.dll

While opening Backup Exec 11d to check the backup this morning, I got a slew of errors which related to urlmon.dll. After starting all of the BE services which were down, I started receiving this error “The ordinal 450 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon.dll”. I ran a couple Google searches and really did not find anything, this seemed like a new issue.

Being that BE relies on XML and IE quite a bit, I attempted to open Internet Explorer and it would not open. It didn’t generate any errors, but it would just open and close immediately. Figuring that this was related to a recent update to Internet Explorer 8, I decided to reboot the server, which worked! After logging back onto the server after the reboot, I watched as the IE8 preferences were loaded and I was then able to open IE8 and go through the first time wizard. Backup Exec also appears to be working properly now.

This is an annoying little issue that is simple to resolve as long as you don’t have to reboot during production hours.