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My Google Alert for open source items is working overtime these days. Clearly open source is invading every part of our lives. That is exciting! Some of the opponents to open source in production networks claim that lack of reliable support makes open source a bad idea. However, in many (or even most) cases, support for applications can be purchased. The open source community is an excellent resource as well. Changing resources does not make the process bad. It is just different. And, how is purchasing support for open source applications different than having to purchase support contracts or maintenance agreements for commercial applications? Citrix, for example, does not provide support or product updates without some sort of paid-for contract. And for the SMB market, it is not low cost. And the up-front cost of the software is high. So what is the difference? I know, I know… Microsoft, Citrix, Symantec, etc. are huge companies that spend millions of dollars annually on research and development. However, IF an open source tool can fill the need and it is FREE why shouldn’t it be tested and implemented? I say go for it.
Next time you are looking for an application for anything, add open source to the Google search box and see what comes up.

Recent alerts:
Software Microsoft Fined $200M USD for Violating Open Source Patent
DailyTech – Chicago,IL,USA
In its early days Microsoft, oft ignored the open source movement, instead pushing for proprietary standards. However, more recently the company has made a

Open source media server debuts at Computex – USA
A small startup will debut at Computex in June its open source software for an integrated media server and home router, going up against giants including

A Consulting Firm Borrows from Kubler-Ross : Beyond Search
Open source has an important contribution to certain information technology challenges. I am pleased with open source. I am not so comfortable with the appropriation and inversion of the Kubler-Ross metaphor. In fact, the metaphor makes
Beyond Search –

TED Blog: SETI Institute is hiring: Become the project manager for
It’s also essential that s/he be a strong evangelist — able to speak inspiringly in public, and to energize, recruit and maintain engagement with key influencers in the open source coding world. The other part of the job will be
TED Blog –

How we won the open source battle
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
By Savio Rodrigues (@SavioRodrigues) Recently the news about the inevitability of open source has been everywhere. Just today I exchanged tweets with Matt

Open Source joins European election battle
Inquirer – Harrow,England,UK
This week it appointed open source operator, Mark Taylor, to lobby candidates in the UK. It is also establishing campaigns in Germany and Spain.

Open Technologies Seen as Key to Social, Educational and Economic

Business Wire (press release) – San Francisco,CA,USA

The agreement recognizes open source technologies as key to increase access to information, communications technologies and ICT skills training in

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