PXE For Fast Openfiler Installs

While looking for info on how to install Openfiler on an old Dell 715N (headless NAS) I stumbled upon the following blog entry: Installing Openfiler 22 On Dell 715N
Except for minor editing of the tftpboot default file the instructions worked fine. If you have enough free diskspace, copy the ISO to the PXE server hard drive as this will make it work much faster. However, connecting the ISO from the ESXi client worked great as well. I was able to prove that this works for any network device that will PXE boot.
My current set up is this: PXE server running as a ESXi virtual machine connected to the second NIC on the ESXi box. This port serves DHCP to the device that you intend to load Openfiler (or any other image) to.

What I used for /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default:
label 5
serial 0 115200 0
default serial
kernal openfiler/vmlinuz append vga=normal initrd=openfiler/initrd.img –console=ttys0,115200n8 test ramdisk_size=8192

Download VMware ESXi (FOR FREE!): ESXi

Original posting for PXE_Installer-Recovery: PXE_Installer-Recovery ScreenShots

Torrent for PXE Server Image: PXE_Installer-Recovery_1.0.tar.bz2

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