How To Test Inbound & Outbound Faxes

Ever needed to test your ability to send or receive faxes? Usually, no one is around to send you a test, or you’d prefer not to bother a client with testing your equipment. HP has a little known service that you can use to test faxing in both directions for free. Simply send a one page text only fax to 1-888-hpfaxme (1-888-473-2963) and wait a few minutes. After a short while, you should receive a fax back from HP.

The official HP page for this service can be found by clicking this link.

Leopard Server directory and file ACL removal

I found this terminal command for quick removal of ACLs from files and directories in mass. Found a need for this when restoring a system from a time machine backup that corrupted permissions on some files. (leopard 10.5.2) The restore added ACL’s to files that should never have them.The following works because one chmod will be executed for each directory, like we want:

find . -type d -exec chmod -a# 0 {} \;

Just replace the ‘type d’ above with ‘type f’ to remove the ACL for regular files.


Info provided from

Proxim Wireless Training – Day One

After a 5 hour flight from RSW with a short stop in Miami, Kyle and I arrived at Dulles International Airport around 11:00pm last night. I realized I made a major planning mistake when our cab driver quoted us $80.00 to get to our hotel. Supposedly there were two airports between us and the Marriot in Greenbelt. We finally settled in to our room a little past midnight. The hotel is nice, though our room smells a bit like mothballs when you first enter. Kyle slept well, I didn’t. It could have something to do with the freight train that was laying in the bed beside me. Ear plugs are now on the Walgreens shopping list.

Well, after a satisfying 4.5 hours of sleep we made it down to the first day of training. Today was targeted towards sales guys. Most of it was an overview of their product line with an emphasis on wireless back haul, but there was some useful information. Tomorrow should be pretty intense, though I think I know more than two other guys in the class. After class we rested up and headed down to DC. 40 minutes on the metro and a lost credit card later we had arrived at our location… a nondescript bar on L street. The vodka-redbull did wonders for the body. Three Makers on the rocks, two pints of Stella and three games of “Big Buck Hunter” later we headed back to the hotel. We opted for a 1.2356 mile walk from the Metro station over a $5 cab ride. The walk helped clear the head.

So, the first day was good, slightly uneventful, but good. Oh, and I found my Credit Card once we got back to the hotel room. Too late though I had already canceled it.