IRC Client for BlackBerry

Looking for a no-charge BlackBerry IRC client? (or any J2ME device) I was and found jmirc. It is fairly basic and I feel that the interface is sort of clunky but it gets the job done. Current version is 0.96.

One of the nice features is that you can create profiles for various IRC host, channels and/or nicknames.

“This project started as a fork of Sverre ValskrĂ„’s WLIrc but eventually led to be a complete rewrite project. Its aim is to be as small and lightweight as possible still trying to maintain the ease of use and all needed features. At the same time it tries to be some kind of hybrid implementing all the most useful features from other clients.”

Main info page:

Blackberry download:

– habanero_joe

2 thoughts on “IRC Client for BlackBerry

  1. In all honesty, this software is a piece of junk. It refuses to work on a plethora of mobile devices, and the UI is poorly designed at best. I would highly recommend against this, but unfortunately it’s virtually your only option when it comes to IRC on the blackberry. This is one of the large reasons I would buy an Android or (gasp!) Iphone before I would even considered a BlackBerry.

  2. AFter extensive testing, I would have to agree. While the BlackBerry is probably the best device for business email/contacts/etc. (MS Exchange) the app market is lacking when compared to iPhone and Android.

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