Terminal Services Audio Mapping

I am often asked how to enable audio mapping (audio redirection) for Terminal Services users. Configuring audio mapping is quite simple. A small configuration on the server and client is all that is necessary.

Step 1: Enable Audio Mapping on the Terminal Server

On the terminal server go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Terminal Services Configuration. Select Connections on the left pane and then right click and get properties on the RDP-Tcp connection within the right pane. Click on the client settings tab and under Disable the following, uncheck audio mapping. Hit OK and then close the Terminal Services Configuration windows. Important note, these changes will only take effect for RDP sessions created after the configuration changes are applied.

Step 2: Verify client settings

On the client PC open the remote desktop connection. Click on Options and then select the Local Resources tab. Make sure that the Remote Computer Sound option is set to “Bring to this computer”.

Sounds produced on the terminal server should now be redirected to the client PC.