Importing Winamp Presets for Audacious

I have been playing around and trying different meda players in Linux. It had been quite some time since I had used Audacious and I was quickly growing tired of Amarok2’s missing features. One of the most obvious features that is missing is the equalizer, really?

After installing Audacious (sudo apt-get install audacious) and enabling the EQ I remembered that you could import the old trusty Winamp presets into Audacious. That is great, I was and remain a fan of the full bass & treble preset. After a mere 30 seconds of searching for the Winamp EQ file to import, I stumbled upon a very simple two step process for downloading and “installing” them.



gunzip -c winamp_presets.gz > ~/.config/audacious/eq.preset

Restart / Audacious and you are all good to go.