User Pending Deletion in BES/BPS

Ran into this one today… Client’s BlackBerry Professional server 1 user license and I had to remove the user from the configuration. After several minutes I attempted to add the user back in and was told that I was out of licenses. The status page showed that a total of one user(s) was configured, while the user page showed zero. I restarted all services and attempted a few other things before running into the following commands which worked immediately.

1. Open a command prompt on the BES/BPS database server and run osql -E

2. Next, enter the following commands one line at a time, pressing enter after each command:
-a. use BESMgmt
-b. select DisplayName from UserConfig
-c. go

3. You should get a name(returned) by the database.
-a. use BESMgmt
-b. delete from UserConfig where DisplayName="name-to-remove"
-c. go

You can now open or refresh the BlackBerry Manager and check the number of licensed users which will not be minus one.


3 thoughts on “User Pending Deletion in BES/BPS

  1. I found this out aswell… easy way for me was to remove the SQL database and get the setup to recreate the database and all was rosey.


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