Dell Control Point Connection Manager and Sprint Mobile Broadband

Many of my clients are getting the newer E series Dell Latitudes. The laptops seems pretty decent but they all come with the Dell ControlPoint software. The ControlPoint software aims to centralize the management of the systems settings.

While I am unfamiliar with the overall usefulness of the ControlPoint software, I do know that the ControlPoint Connection Manager is terrible. Just about every end user that I have worked with on these newer laptops asks me to uninstall ControlPoint.

Generally speaking, all that you need to do to get a decent running system is to uninstall the Connection Manager portion of ControlPoint. Just open up Add/Remove Programs and uninstall Connection Manager. After the uninstall and reboot you will notice that the WWAN card will no longer work as you no longer have an app to control the device. The link below is the for 5720 model of WWAN cards which are very common in these Dell systems. The download installs the Sprint Mobile Broadband utility.

Link is here.


4 thoughts on “Dell Control Point Connection Manager and Sprint Mobile Broadband

  1. I was having the problem where Dell’s ControlPoint.exe software was consuming 25% of my CPU continously. It was causing my laptop to heat up all the time, and for the fan to continously be on. Meanwhile, I was using low-intensity applications like MS Word, so the CPU usage should have been minimal.

    This was on my Dell E6510 Latitude laptop.

    I spoke with a helpful Dell tech support representative, he suggested that I remove the Dell ControlPoint System Manager software (I used the “Programs and Features” control panel on Windows 7, which is the replacement for Add/Remove programs”). He seemed quite confident that this software doesn’t do anything important.

    Right after I did this, the problem went away, so far so good.

  2. I’m glad I found this website. I recently swapped the cpu and activated controlpoint around the same time and noticing the cpu usage was 25% all the time, i thought the new cpu was defective, then looked up task manager and a simple google search later landed here. I’ve controlpoint software uninstalled and cpu usage manages to stay within 5% (used by dropbox).

  3. Thank you for the information. I recently had to upgrade to Windows 7, and I noticed that my fan was running continually, and my laptop’s performance was terrible. This morning, I checked the Task Manager and found the Dell Control Point process taking up 45% of my CPU, even when I wasn’t doing anything. I have now uninstalled that and am hoping that things go back to normal.

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