Scripting in Kaseya, silent CCleaner installation.

We recently purchased Kaseya One for MSP’s and I have been engaged in many hours of training and configuring this week. One of the more interesting topics that were covered during the Kaseya Boot Camp training was scripting. Simply put, Kaseya is scripting. Script this, script that, and things that appear to just be menu options, are just dolled up scripts. When I have more time I will try to go into Kaseya and scripting even further.

Anyways, one of the most common things that admins like to install and run regularly is CCleaner. If you live in a cave and don’t use CCleaner, it basically just simplifies temp file, cookie, and etc removal. What many people do not know is that ccleaner.exe, the main executable, can be run simply by copying it to a drive and running it. So if you have the exe on a client drive, just script the program to run.

CCleaner has some documentation here and there regarding scripting and command line execution, but for simplicity sake I thought I would add the ones I use most. The two most common tasks are installing and running CCleaner.

To invoke the ccleaner silent installation, run the setup executable with the /S switch. A direct example would look like this:

ccsetup220.exe /S

*Note* that this switch is case sensitive and /s is not the same as /S.

To run ccleaner silently in the background to run with the default options use the following command from c:\program files\ccleaner\

ccleaner.exe /autoclean

So to create an application package for deployment to agents, just follow the application deployment wizard after uploading the ccsetup file to the VSA Shared Area. Be sure to use the /S for command line parameters when you have the option.

Obviously this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the possibilities available to you via scripting and Kaseya, but it is a simple example.


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  1. I’m a big fan of scripting and CCleaner so it was interesting to read how you implement this utility with Kaseya. LabTech also utilizes CCleaner, but runs it with the /auto switch – not the /autoclean. Not sure if there’s any difference there, just wanted to mention it.

    Also, congrats on your recent MSP purchase! Of course I’d have suggested you investigate LabTech but what matters most is implementation. Many needless issues can be avoided if you set up your customers with good templates and get everyone compliant to your standard. I’ve had great success in stabilizing otherwise chaotic customer environments by homogenizing the desktops. The virtue of any good MSP product is that it will facilitate this for you and alert you to inconsistencies in your customer’s environment.

  2. hi i m sheshank sr.customer support engineer can any body help me out how to write the script of c cleaner silent installation & running the silent installation also?

    Thanks & Regards,


  3. I would definitely recommend the Kaseya provided training on this subject, you will find it very beneficial. I will try to steer you in the right direction anyways… Go to the Scripts tab and then choose Application Deploy. Follow the wizard and upload your ccleaner installer etc. I recommend using the ccleaner-slim installer so that the Yahoo! Toolbar and related crap isn’t installed.

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