Spiceworks 4.0 Network Management Tool

Spiceworks launched 4.0 last month and yesterday released the first patch. This new version really opens up the possibilites of Spiceworks
4.0 highlights include: Exchange 2007 support, updated IT User Portal (think IT Intranet), Network Mapping (still in beta), Windows Event ID Collaboration, Twitter Integration, cc other Users or Staff on Help Desk tickets.

We loaded the final beta on the production server and it went smoothly. Loaded the general release a few days later and everything is great. Installation (or upgrade) takes no more than 15 minutes.

Cool Feature Alert: Dell users, get the script for auto-populating the Purchase Date and Warranty Date of your Dell servers, desktops and laptops. It works great and will save lots of manual data entry.

Anyone using Spiceworks already will appreciate the new features. If you are not using Spiceworks, PLEASE check it out! It is STILL FREE.


Spiceworks – Free IT Management Software

Do you have an outdated helpdesk ticketing system? Need to add costly licenses for additional IT staff? Throw that system out the door and check out Spiceworks.
Spiceworks is a free web-based IT management system that has many features such as helpdesk ticketing, networked device inventory, asset reporting, ticket reporting, change tracking, Exchange monitoring. All of this is packed in to a 17MB download. Spiceworks is supported by inline ads in the Dashboard only. Users adding tickets do not see the advertising. The benefits and features of Spiceworks far outweigh the minimal advertising impact.
Spiceworks must be installed on a Windows server or desktop. For more than a few users, load on a server. It works very well as a virtual machine on an ESXi box. The hardware requirements are fairly basic: 1GB RAM, 1GHz Pentium III processor.
Active Directory integration provides easy user set up. There is no need to create multiple login lists. When a user needs to place a ticket, Spiceworks will pull the account info that is logged in to the PC and autofill email and other contact info. IT staff is added in the Spiceworks Dashboard and login with email address and Spiceworks-specific password.

My IT department has been using Spiceworks for over a year, when our previous vendor stopped returning calls to purchase more licensing. We are a small company with seventeen locations and 200 employess (four IT staff) and approximately 350 network devices. At this time, Spiceworks provides everything we need to support this company. Senior management likes the reports that can be generated as well.

Give it a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised!!!